Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making a run for it!!!!

This month I'm writing about running away from things! :)

You know, I don't encourage running away from your problems. In the slightest. I try my level best not to run away from my problems. Of course, that doesn't mean I always face them head on. Oooooooh no. But to be honest with you, running away from a problem isn't something that makes me feel good about myself.

However, sometimes I do feel as if things are piling up.

You know how it is; You're busy trying to look for a job, your spouse is busy trying to look for a job, your three cats, two long haired hamsters and pet sheep Lambchop are busy trying to look for a job too.
There's tension in the household. One of the cats ate one of the hamsters in an effort to lower the food overheads and before you know it your partner is selling your favourite Louis Vuitton handbag (in conjunction with Lambchop) to a man who's paying him in cheeseburgers and lint.

Well, the situation in your own life is probably different to the example above (I'd hope!), but what I'm getting at is that we all have that point that we reach where we feel overwhelmed.

I reached that point myself lately. I was reaching my 'fight or flight' stage. I was stressed. When I get stressed, it lodges in my body in amazingly bizarre ways. I get pumped full of adrenalin, much like anyone else would. What my body is trying to do is prepare me to either 'fight' or take 'flight' against was my situation in life. 'Fighting' seemed like a ridiculous option as there was nothing physical or substantial to challenge to fisticuffs or any other form of physical exertion which would expend my anxious energy.

Not being quite sure what to do with myself, I took some inspiration from Misha Collins (in his latest inspiring endeavor to help one and all) and I decided to run.

In short, instead of allowing myself to take the train to crazy ville by spending time sitting around thinking about how unemployed I am, I made use of the fabulous G.A.A. pitch I discovered just behind my new home!

Once a day I take to the pitch. I run for around forty minutes. It's invigorating. The exercise, deep breathing and scenery are all good for my heart.

It's exactly what I'd recommenced to those of you, who like me, sometime experience a sense of helplessness in the current recessionary climate.

Because though running won't pay your bills, won't repair your relationships or won't buy you that new season of Supernatural you've been hankering for, just taking action and stepping out will make you feel like you're taking a step towards shaping your life for the better :)

And it's good for my butt.

When running:

Don't forget to bring:

- Some water to refresh and re-hydrate you!

- Your mobile! In case of emergency!

- An Umbrella (for Irish people only. Well. Maybe for Scottish people too.)

- If like me, you live with your mp3 player plugged into your veins, here's a few suggestions for tracks to bring to the track:

Something to help you Carry On, Something to make you work like a Dog, Something to shake you all night long, Something to Help you Do Right.

If you do decide to run, do let me know how it goes for you! And remember, rain is no excuse! If God didn't want us to go out in it, he wouldn't have invented umbrellas!

Have fun! ^___^

On an absolutely UNRELATED NOTE LAWL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Post!

Well it's my second post! Awesome!

Don't you love it when it rains?

I live in Ireland. Where it rains quite a lot. I've heard we're not as soggy as scotland. This fills me with a cheap sense of 'one-up-manship'. Sometimes I incline my head in the direction of Scotland (being Celtic, I have that ability) and I feel so smug.

Anyway, it's not the rain that I actually like, it's the feeling of security and safety you get from sitting in your warm sitting room, listening to the gentle tapping of the glistening drops off your window. Staring at your wet cat who glares at you through the double glazing.

Or late at night, all curled up in your bed. You can just see a glint of a watery silver moon between your slightly ajar curtains and the pattering against the window lulls you to drool onto your partner who is already snoring heavily.

Rain is awesome.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Post : )

(please click on the comic to enlarge it)

Hello there! Welcome to my blog :)

I'm Grace Elizabeth Kelly, and I love art and pop culture. I'm quite taken with working in Photoshop and I've dabbled in a bit of animation while no one was busy looking.

I'm using this space to share my favourite pieces (done by me) with all of you.

I'll post a comic a week here to start with :)

Please enjoy viewing them!

Gek <3